The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

Welcome to Capitol Goods, a blog by four students interning in Alexandria, Virginia and Washington D.C. Our placement organization CAPAL, an Asian-American leadership group, has forced us together given us the opportunity to document our summer here in this blog.

Each of us has been assigned one day per week to post, and we’ll be covering topics like the events we attended, the cool spots in D.C. and VA, significant Asian-American political issues, as well as stories of our professional development. We hope that our experiences and tips can help out future interns. Here’s a picture of your 4 mentors now: (I’m the cute one in the green shirt, and I’ll be the one cheering you up on Mondays).


This week’s theme is “Intern Lyfe”, ’cause we ’bout that lyfe and we will be posting about the following topics:

Tuesday: Julie will be taking you through a tour of her day as an intern.

Wednesday: Laura will be giving you her tips on buying food on a budget and stretching out your stipend dollars.

Thursday is our “snippet” day, where we will upload “snippets” of our intern experience like the music we listen to, funny conversations we’ve had, photos from our adventures and crazy quotes from Daniel (he initially wanted to name this blog “Capitol Punishment”.)

Friday: Daniel will share his tips on finding housing and transportation in the area.

Although the main goal of this blog is to help out and entertain fellow interns and future scholars, I’m also excited to document our progression and development as young adults and friends. The title of this post, after all, is from the movie “Casablanca”, and I sincerely hope that this summer and the fun that comes with it will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.



P.S. We had to take the above photo about 50 times because Daniel KEPT LEANING OVER.


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