The Intern Day

Hi everyone! This is Julie and I have the honor of greeting you every Tuesday. I’m a noob blogger so please excuse any sacred blogging rule I break.

The four of us will be discussing different themes every week and each day, we will write about our own personal take on the week’s theme. As Brittney mentioned, this week is “Intern Lyfe”.

How do I explain my day? I work from 8-5. But what happens during those hours?

I’m currently a law school student working as a legal intern. So each day is different. A lot of the work depends on what cases are on the table and their current status. But most days, i’m researching, writing memos, or in a meeting with the other attorneys. At the end of the day, the department tries to make sure that you have a great learning experience. The work is hard but everyone is willing to stop what they’re doing and explain anything to you as long as you ask.


But I’ll be honest. I was not expecting this type of nurturing environment. I’ve heard so many stereotypes about lawyers that I guess I started to believe in them.

Most people in the office understand that this is an opportunity for you to get the most hands-on experience you can get. But there are also many interns who only look for something to put on their resume. The people you work with will only be willing to teach you if you make an effort to get to know them and learn from them. I guess this is pretty much how you differentiate between interns who are resume buffing and interns who genuinely want to learn. As for me, I’ll take on any opportunity for a project. I’m eager to meet someone new and I’ll walk into random offices with open doors. I’ve spoken to people about a wide range of topics from Supreme Court rulings and opinions to the Pinky and the Brain trying to take over the world. I hope that the gap between my age and the current college interns out there aren’t too far removed that you guys wouldn’t know about Pinky and the Brain…

Networking is the not-so-secret to success. Any and every opportunity can lead to something even greater. So interns out there! It’s not worth it to stay in a bubble. Get off your bum and get to know the people in your office.

I wouldn't be able to survive without Westlaw, coffee, and highlighters...

I wouldn’t be able to survive without Westlaw, coffee, and highlighters…

This post turned from talking about a typical day at my internship to an encouragement for other interns to do something more than just wait for work to come to you. But I want you guys to learn from my own experiences. I’m hoping that you guys can share your own experiences here and others. Some of this stuff might seem obvious but being in the workplace can frighten some people and the obvious suddenly seems impossible. I’m writing this to tell you that there is no reason to be nervous or scared and I’m sure that people will be glad to take a mini-break to talk to you.

So I’m glad that I was able to put my 2 cents in for this week (: I hope that this little tip helps at least one or two interns out there. Look forward to Daniel’s and Laura’s post later this week!

Until next Tuesday!


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