‘Sheed Wallace Thursdays

In sports, there are very few players who can be as influential as Rasheed Wallace. For starters, the four-time All-Star and one-time NBA Champion is an extremely talented Power Forward who can shoot, post-up, pass, and rebout effectively. But what really makes him memorable is his incredible knack for getting technical fouls, holding the NBA record for most in a season with 41 (the second place holder, by the way, has only 23). His true dedication to unsportsmanship is uncanny, and no one will forget his career moment in 2001, when he was ejected from a crucial playoff game for staring at a referee for too long. Throughout his illustrious 18-year career in the league, Wallace has also successfully coined the phrase “Ball don’t lie”, which he shouts in protest to the ref after a player from the opposing team is fouled by him and misses a free-throw. Fans throughout the country were saddened this year when Wallace decided to forever call it quits. But on today, July 4, while everyone else celebrates our nation’s independence, I would like to pay tribute to the way Rasheed Wallace courageously and selflessly played the game.


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