Art, Baby: Hirshorn Museum

What do D.C. interns do for fun? They write this blog They find new places to explore, new food to try, and make crazy memories. For our final full week of posts, we bring you the sights and sounds that we will miss most about our nation’s capital.

During last year’s internship, when I was still a 20-year old excluded from D.C.’s world of happy hours and nightlife, I had to find creative ways to spend my time after work. Creative is just the word I’d use to describe the Hirshhorn Museum, a modern art installation that houses the craziest, wackiest, and most thought-provoking art I’ve seen. Located near the Air and Space museum, Hirshhorn is the satirical hipster of the Smithsonian family, boasting a sculpture garden in the back that makes you feel that you’ve fallen deep into Alice’s wonderland.

photo (1) photo (2)

My favorite sculpture in the museum is currently ‘Venus of the Rags’, which takes the traditional pose of ancient Venus statues and juxtaposes her against the decaying bits of our clothing. I see it as a commentary on our wastefulness (she has all these clothes, but nothing to wear) and our consumerist culture.

As for sculptures like the following…well, I’m not sure how to interpret this one..


Whatever your kink, Hirshhorn hais sure to satisfy. Be sure to take a visit to the basement, where Barbara Kruger has created a charged photomontage that addresses conflicting perceptions of democracy, power, and belief. Known for her political pieces, Kruger doesn’t shy from questioning the status quo. For those of you who don’t think modern art is truly art, I can hear Kruger whispering, “But who made you believe that?”

Image from Huff Post



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