As our internships come to a close, we’d like to thank everyone who read this blog, made comments, and came along with us on a journey to be better interns and community advocates. Over our month of blogging, we explored the best places to eat in D.C., gave you tips on how to impress your boss, and talked about some hard-hitting and often unaddressed activism issues in the AAPI community.

Even more importantly, as the weeks went by, the four of us at Capitol Goods became quite close friends. We certainly fought and argued, but in the end, everyone learned to swallow their pride and put the integrity of our project first. I’m excited to have earned 3 life-long pals (who will allow me to crash at their place when I’m visiting San Fran and New York. Right, guys?).

I’m proud to have been involved in this labor of love with such an intelligent and close-knit team. Thanks, CAPAL, for making this a summer that we won’t soon forget!


For more from Brittney, you can visit her at Another Beautiful Thing.

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