The Interns

Here are the four handsome interns who will be sharing their summer with you:


Intern for….Office of Consumer Protection
Home state: Texas, y’all.
Major: Economics and English
Favorite movies: Hot Fuzz and Despicable Me
Favorite TV show: Teen Titans.
Allergies: apples, cats, plums, peaches, and cherries.
Secret superpower: She was able to guess Daniel’s Social Security # in one try.
Friendship requires…being able to talk about anything.
Most prized possession: Her imagination
Secret weakness: cute, fluffy stuffed animals with handlebar mustaches.
Pet peeve: People who don’t close the door after they leave a room.
* Brittney is also a fashion blogger at Another Beautiful Thing.


Intern for….Office of Consumer Protection
Major: Economics and Math
Most prized possession: 2009 Mazda CX7 Sport
Secret job: He was once a sports reporter at his university
Favorite book: Green Eggs and Ham
Favorite movie: Titanic. (He’s simply a romantic at heart, as you can tell. Ladies?)
If Daniel were to be stranded on an island and was allowed only one type of food, he would wish for a boatload of already-crispy chicken breasts.
Greatest fear: Heights
Pet peeves: Know-it-alls
Friendship requires…a good sense of humor
In 10 years… he hopes to be working at a bank or consulting firm.


Intern for….Office of the Chief Economist
Home state: California
Major: Economics
Greatest fear: Cockroaches (especially, the enormous and apparently immortal NYC ones) and drowning
Favorite bands: The Eagles, Beastie Boys (RIP, MCA)
Favorite books: Toss-up between Egan’s The Keep and Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer
Friendship requires….kindness.
Her kryptonite: Vegetables (cilantro, BLEGH!!)


Intern for….Office of the General Counsel
Home state: Jersey (GTL)
Favorite subject in school: Calculus
Greatest fear: necks. She has an inexplicable fear of necks.
Pet peeves: People who interrupt while someone else is speaking.
Celebrity crushes: Ryan Gosling, Edward Norton, and Aaron Eckhart.
Favorite movies: Thanks You for Smoking and Kung Fu Panda.
Favorite food: Anything

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