Thirsty for Happy Hours

For our concluding week of blog posts, I decided to give you guys a look at the locations I have been to for Happy Hour. I enjoyed each location but there are a slew of other bars and restaurants that deserve to be on this list as well. So, I implore you all to explore the various watering holes in DC and let us know in the comments section of other places we should mention in this list. Bottoms up!

Jazz in the Garden @ the National Gallery of Art on the National Mall

Entrance is FREE! It’s held every Friday during the summer. The jazz music is awesome! The downside is that the garden gets so packed with people. I saw people literally crawling under bushes and squeezing into every nook and cranny for a spot to park themselves. However, I think it is worthwhile to go at least once for the experience. Drinks are also quite expensive and the lines for drinks can get really long.

201 Bar

201 Bar is one of the nicer bars that I have frequented. It’s a bit more on the expensive side, but it wasn’t too crowded and the noise level was manageable. It was nice to just sit around with colleagues and friends with a beer and talk without yelling every word. It is also right by Union Station so if you work around there, it’s a pretty convenient walk.

The Park at 14th

So this place is supposed to be a night club and really hoppin’. They also have pretty good deals for happy hour! The prices alone are enough to attract me to go again. However, it can get really crowded and super loud! This is the place to be if want cheap drinks and to pretend to be able to hear other people talking.

Dirty Martini

It’s in Dupont Circle (close to Foggy Bottom) and the happy hour drinks here were even cheaper than The Park at 14th. Although the happy hour menu is very limited, you can still get beer for $3 and wine for $5. But other than these prices, there really isn’t anything special about this place. Although, they did have a live jazz band come in and play/sing.

Other locations?

There are plenty of other places out there that I still have not tried yet. There are places that have ALL DAY HAPPY HOUR SPECIALS on certain day(s) of the week! I will update the name of this place when I figure out the name. I only listed the ones I have been to in case you need some help choosing a place. The point is that this is DC and there is plenty of variety and choices when it comes to socializing and drinking!

If you’re interested in the DC Nightlife, I’ve been told that U Street, Dupont Circle, and Adams Morgan areas are the places the go. Check out these places while you’re in DC and ENJOY YOUR FREE TIME!

Raise your glasses!



Capitol Goods’ Top 10 Things to Do in DC/Northern Virginia

In no particular order…..

1. Visit all the Smithsonian museums at the National Mall.

Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian

2. Eat a delicious, macaron-topped cupcake from the Cupcake Wars winners, The Sweet Lobby in Eastern Market.

Sweet Lobby's Salted Caramel Cupcake w/ Salted Caramel Praline Macaron on top

Sweet Lobby’s Salted Caramel Cupcake w/ Salted Caramel Praline Macaron on top

3. Go see the passing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery as well as the statue of Iwo Jima.


Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Arlington

4. Eat a bowl of homemade Japanese ramen at Toki Underground on H street—about a mile off from Union Station Metro—but be prepared for a half hour or forty minute wait.


Ramen….the Toki special

5. Shop ‘til you drop in Georgetown and go kayaking at the nearby Potomac River.


6. Spend the day lounging around the park and perusing the many bookstores, shops, cafes and bars at Dupont Circle.

7. Walk around Old Town Alexandria and be sure to visit the Torpedo Art Factory on the waterfront.

8. Take silly, touristy pictures at all the national monuments—and don’t forget to go to the Capitol as well as the Library of Congress.

9. Go hiking at Great Falls Park in McLean or have a picnic at Gravelly Point Park in Arlington, by the Ronald Reagan Airport (DCA).

Planes flying over Gravelly Point Park

10. Eat Korean BBQ in Annandale and emerge from the restaurant smelling like what is in your stomach.

Art, Baby: Hirshorn Museum

What do D.C. interns do for fun? They write this blog They find new places to explore, new food to try, and make crazy memories. For our final full week of posts, we bring you the sights and sounds that we will miss most about our nation’s capital.

During last year’s internship, when I was still a 20-year old excluded from D.C.’s world of happy hours and nightlife, I had to find creative ways to spend my time after work. Creative is just the word I’d use to describe the Hirshhorn Museum, a modern art installation that houses the craziest, wackiest, and most thought-provoking art I’ve seen. Located near the Air and Space museum, Hirshhorn is the satirical hipster of the Smithsonian family, boasting a sculpture garden in the back that makes you feel that you’ve fallen deep into Alice’s wonderland.

photo (1) photo (2)

My favorite sculpture in the museum is currently ‘Venus of the Rags’, which takes the traditional pose of ancient Venus statues and juxtaposes her against the decaying bits of our clothing. I see it as a commentary on our wastefulness (she has all these clothes, but nothing to wear) and our consumerist culture.

As for sculptures like the following…well, I’m not sure how to interpret this one..


Whatever your kink, Hirshhorn hais sure to satisfy. Be sure to take a visit to the basement, where Barbara Kruger has created a charged photomontage that addresses conflicting perceptions of democracy, power, and belief. Known for her political pieces, Kruger doesn’t shy from questioning the status quo. For those of you who don’t think modern art is truly art, I can hear Kruger whispering, “But who made you believe that?”

Image from Huff Post